S A M : 10/4/15

(First post of 2015!)

went to the Singapore Arts Museum with my cousin, Dione.

been wanting to visit SAM for awhile & we finally made the time to pay a visit (-:

here are some shots of the artworks displayed there!

p.s i didn’t add any filters for this post because i wanted to retain its original colour and vibe (-:

IMG_1399 IMG_1396 IMG_1615 IMG_1575 IMG_1574 IMG_1543 IMG_1542 IMG_1541 IMG_1540 IMG_1539 IMG_1538 IMG_1537 IMG_1536 IMG_1535 IMG_1534 IMG_1533 IMG_1532 IMG_1531 IMG_1530 IMG_1529 IMG_1526 IMG_1524 IMG_1523 IMG_1522 IMG_1521 IMG_1520 IMG_1514 IMG_1509 IMG_1508 IMG_1507 IMG_1506 IMG_1505 IMG_1504 IMG_1503 IMG_1502 IMG_1501 IMG_1500 IMG_1499 IMG_1498 IMG_1497 IMG_1496 IMG_1495 IMG_1494 IMG_1493 IMG_1492 IMG_1491 IMG_1490 IMG_1489 IMG_1488 IMG_1487 IMG_1486 IMG_1485 IMG_1484 IMG_1483 IMG_1482 IMG_1480 IMG_1478 IMG_1477 IMG_1476 IMG_1475 IMG_1462 IMG_1461 IMG_1460 IMG_1459 IMG_1391

thanks for reading!

please follow, comment and share (-:


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