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helllooooooo sunflowers!! ^__^

woke up today in a terrible mood because of my braces. just started wearing rubber bands & they hurt like HELL.

anyways, due to the fact that my dad was too lazy to buy me food & the fact that he can’t cook & the fact that I WAS STARVING & couldn’t eat the duck rice he bought for himself because I am an old lady with weak teeth at the moment, I decided to cook for myself!

it was a spontaneous decision (& quite a risky one may I add) because:
1) my mom wasn’t home
2) I cannot cook for nuts )-: I can bake, yes, but there’s a huge difference between cooking & baking
3) the only adult at home was my dad, & he can’t cook for nuts either

but I did it anyways hohoho 😀

I decided to cook Banana Pancakes for myself as they are not only soft enough for my currently useless teeth, but they are also filling!

I’ve tried making these pancakes once in December, but I failed horribly )—: so today was sort of my virgin attempt haha!

all u need is:
1/3 cup of oats


1 banana

2 eggs

butter to grease your pan

& lastly, some fruits to add flavor to your pancakes! (I went with blueberries)

blend all of the ingredients using a blender & u should get something like this!

depending on how much oats u use, the consistency of it will vary from chunky to liquid like! I find it easier to cook when it’s less liquid like so it won’t ‘run all over the place’ in your pan! also, the chunkier it is the easier to shape your pancake (-:

my first pancake!

second one!

third one!



also decided to make a plain one with no blueberries in it!



soooooo proud of my final product!! (even though I burnt some sides of the pancakes)




paired them with Charlie’s White Peach & Passionfruit (-:


overall, I really recommend making these Banana Pancakes & they taste soooooooooooo good!! (——:


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